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Cases handled by Immigration Attorney in Houston and the Woodlands

DISCLAIMER: Immigration lawyer, Merita Rice, has answered some frequently asked questions about employment immigration. Take note that these questions are provided for informational purposes only; therefore, they are not and should not be construed as legal advice.  There is no attorney-client relationship created via this website. An attorney-client relationship is created only after the client has signed a contract for services. Please do not call this office asking questions and expecting answers (legal advice) on the phone. Either schedule a consultation with this office by visiting CONSULTATION page and following the instructions, or contact another immigration attorney to discuss the facts of your case.

What type of employment immigration cases does the immigration attorney handle in Houston and The Woodlands?
Immigration attorney handles only those few employment-based cases that do not require Labor Certifications. These petitioners hold L-1 work Visas. There are 5 different types of cases that do not require Labor certifications: 
            1. Individuals of Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A ); 
            2. Outstanding Professors and Researchers (EB-1B);  
            3. Persons who are multinational managers or executives (EB-1C);  
            4. Individuals of Exceptional ability or advanced degree whose work is in the national interest (EB-2);       
            5. individuals who invest between $500,000.00 to $1 million in a business.
Immigration attorney handles the first 4 types of cases, but does not handle the 5th type.

Which categories require employer sponsoring and which ones allow for self-petitioning?
Multinational Managers/Executives and Professors/Researchers category require an employer to petition the government on your behalf.
The Extraordinary Ability and the National Interest Waiver allow you to self-petition. In other words you do not need an employer to sponsor you.

What is required under each category to get approved?

  • The easiest category to obtain approval is the Outstanding Professor and Researcher (EB-1B).  You need to prove to the government that you have an outstanding international reputation, and at least three years of research. Your employer must be a university or private organization that has at least three full time research positions. 

  • The Multinational Manager or Executive (EB-1C), works best for employees who were offered a full time position, in a managerial/executive capacity with a US employer for at least one year, and also worked for a qualifying employer abroad for one of three years prior to entering the US in non-immigrant status.

  • The Extraordinary Ability category (EB-1A) is more difficult than the other two categories mentioned above, because of the fact that it’s a self-petitioning category. You have to prove that you are extraordinary, you have risen to the very top of your field, and you have sustained international acclaim.

  • The National Interest Waiver (EB-2) is very similar to Extraordinary Ability and can be used by scientists, artists, athletes, engineers, etc. To be approved under this category, you must prove that there is something so unique about your abilities that will benefit the United States and that your U.S. peers could not perform the same duties. An advanced degree or exceptional ability is required.